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Introducing the CEO amplifier, a three-step accelerator programme to enhance your profile and boost your business


We're living in a trust crisis

Expectations for leaders have changed. Hiding behind a brand is no longer an option for a CEO. You need to lead it.

The CEO must be the trusted, passionate voice of the company on important issues such as the company’s greater purpose and long-term strategy.

Positioning the CEO as a thought leader creates a competitive edge, magnifies trust and builds customer loyalty to ultimately boost revenue.


of people think CEOs need to step up, speak up and lead change

Edelman 2019

don’t trust businesses in the UK

Finding your voice

To help CEOs find their voice, we have developed amp - a three-step programme designed to raise your profile and boost your brand.

In just 180 days, we will amplify you.


Understand your customers, employees and investors to spot the overarching and specific messages that resonate and motivate.


Develop your narrative into real stories that connect with your audience.


Get your story in front of people that matter to influence and control the discourse.


Amplify and control your views, news and opinions for a consistent narrative for your target audience.

The amp effect

amp is geared to deliver key professional and business outcomes, setting you up for meaningful engagement and success with customers, employees and investors.



  • Uncover your authentic voice and build your story
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Form relationships with subject matter expert journalists


  • Establish a media presence
  • Enhance your reputation
  • Build trust in front of your target audience


  • Win customers and drive loyalty
  • Acquire and retain top talent
  • Attract investment

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