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Confidence from customers, employees and investors is harder to earn than ever before

In a noisy digital environment, story-telling becomes a prized skill. Understaffed news organisations respond best to CEOs who can explain the company’s story in minutes, not hours. This value is doubled in a time of emergency. At crunch moments like this, there’s no time for rehearsal: the CEO must speak from the front within minutes of a crisis unfolding, with a clear message of reassurance for customers, staff and investors.


of people want CEOs to be personally visible on the future of the industry

Edelman 2019

A survey of millennials by Gallup found they were much more attracted to companies whose senior leadership could voice a clear vision than firms with workplace perks.

Other surveys have shown that communicating a shared vision from the top is a key tool in acquiring the best talent and in retaining key staff (of all ages).


of people think it is important before accepting a job offer to check whether the CEO speaks out on controversial political and social issues

Edelman 2019

For high-growth companies looking to raise investment the CEO’s presence is critical. VCs respond to CEOs who not only have a great investment case but can present it with skill.


of UK and US investors say the CEO is critically important to corporate investment appeal

Korn-Ferry 2019

What amp will do for you


Boost your brand visibility

You might have the right products at the right price, but that’s irrelevant if people don’t know about your business.

A strong personal brand will inspire trust from others and help a business grow. Achieving one will help you lead through influence and engagement.


Increase media profile

The most effective leaders create constant content and are more active on social media. By sharing your expertise with personality, you will achieve consistent exposure for your brand and elevate your credibility.

A human voice will hone your competitive edge in the oversaturated market with limitless options.


Improve your communication skills

‘Leadership today is all about two words: It’s all about truth and trust’. Jack Welch, ex-CEO of General Electric knows what he is talking about.

Trust is now critical on the business agenda; amp will develop how you raise awareness of this skill to genuinely separate you from your competition.

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